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Iron Lion Insurance, Inc. is a highly knowledgeable personal insurance agency/risk consultant brokerage focusing on personal lines accounts. Through existing technical knowledge from over 40 years of combined personal lines experience, and an existing referral stream from extensive key relationships/mentorships of owners, Iron Lion Insurance, Inc specializes in earning long term partnerships through technical risk analysis and the execution of proactive servicing plans with sophisticated clients.

The typical process of buying insurance can be a flawed and dangerous process. Iron Lion Insurance, Inc, takes a different approach to the process avoiding the commoditization of personal insurance products and coverages. Qualifying our prospects is essential to our success and therefore to the profitability of our markets and our agency. Just as an insured has the inherent right to select what agent they want to transact business with, we have the right to select whose insurable interests we represent.

Our most valuable commodity is time, and our time and resources will be spent with clients, who are willing to work with us, and allow us to align them with all the resources that the right carrier partner has to offer. Before considering which carriers and policies are appropriate for an individual, we first address the element of risk on which those policies will be predicated. When risk can be transferred, mitigated or eliminated, less insurance is needed which leads to lower costs. We then identify what perils the carrier, or risk bearer, assumes and most important, which perils become the sole responsibility of the client. We fill the gaps the insured is not comfortable covering with their assets, and prove to them savings over time, through various servicing aspects of their accounts.


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